5 Essential Design Elements of a Modern Kitchen

5 Essential Design Elements of the Modern Kitchen

Kitchen design has continuously evolved at a fast pace. With new advancements in technology and electronics, more updates on the latest gadgets and innovative materials, clients now have the widest range of choices to form and create a modern kitchen.

Regardless of the shifting design trends in design, there are five essential and very important design elements that every modern kitchen should have.

The Right Materials

The main factors in considering the right material is durability, quality, design and of course maintenance/ease to clean. Just like certain colours – within design, there has to be careful consideration in the combination of materials in line with the overall design, concept and space of your kitchen.

Our previous clients have chosen wood, steel, marble, concrete for counter-tops which compliments their choice of cabinetry and overall style. Taps, appliances, glass splash backs, chairs and lighting all with their own textures can accentuate the structure and base design of your kitchen. Visualising your old kitchen as a blank canvas ensures you get to a good start in imagining what style, textures and environment your new kitchen will have.

Ergonomics and Ease of Use

The kitchen can become a busy area of the house at particular times – including the morning rush, group get togethers and preparing Sunday roasts! With a seamless modern kitchen, the utilisation of stream-lined cabinetry and internal hidden drawers is advantageous in ensuring your kitchen work surfaces are clutter and hazard free whilst your kitchen utensils, food and everything in-between is stored categorically.

We understand that kitchens can be beautiful and ergonomically designed. Our designers take into consideration how your kitchen would be used and would advise and consult on even the minute details to ensure you create the best memories in your new kitchen.

Open plan layout

Every modern kitchen incorporates the idea of spaciousness. Many clients have transformed their kitchens into ‘grand’ rooms which combine their living room and dining room. This becomes the central hub for mealtimes, socialising and day-to-day activities.

With modern kitchens tending to be either a L or U shape, incorporating a kitchen island creates more additional space in addition to convenient storage.


The modern and post-modern design period began in the 1920s-60s and paved way to less dark and enclosed kitchen spaces with small windows to more light, airy and open space. 

We know that natural light is important within a home and property, so a lot of our previous clients have requested for the combination of glass windows and skylights coupled with solar tubes and LED lighting for the evening.


With all the things within your kitchen you must always consider the quality.

For us quality is coupled with the idea of bespoke design – individually customised for you. Our diverse range of in-frame kitchens are made in the UK in our Joinery shop in Wetherby, completely bespoke and personalised and made to order. Our kitchens are supplied by two different high-quality and industry leading German manufacturers.

All our wooden products are FSc approved. This means the wood and wood based products we provide origins from FSc certified forests. Products made with wood from FSC forests are marked with a ‘tick tree’ logo. This is an assurance that the materials you buy with this on won’t be harming the world’s forests and it’s of high quality.

Here at Watermark we truly believe in these five essential design elements (plus much more of course) – but hopefully this has provided you with more thoughts towards your dream (and future) kitchen and living space!

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