5 Tips on Creating a Sanctuary in your Bathroom

Sanctuary, Luxury and Design – Your Bathroom

Bathrooms have always been considered a personal space that enables us to relax, unwind or take time out from our busy day-to-day lifestyles. There are different features to consider prior to creating or redesigning a luxurious bathroom. Here at Watermark Superior Kitchens and Bathrooms, we’ve compiled five tips to consider when creating or designing your personal spa and getaway:

1. Carefully consider the choice of your Bath and/or Shower
A free-standing bath creates sculptural elegance that becomes the epitome of luxury and class. The standalone statement is further emphasised by where you position it within the room. Bathtubs are always the natural focal point of every bathroom and have a powerful influence on the rest of the room decor. Freestanding claw-and-ball feed or pedestal base bathtubs add a touch of timeless design.

A shower opens up more personalisation through the choice of wall tilings, flooring and type of taps. Frameless glass shower doors can enhance detailed and stunning tilework. In a variety of choices, luxury showers can replicate a spa-resort experience with ceiling-mounted rain showerheads or cross-grid massage spray heads adding more indulgence to your evening pampering!

2. Choose a soothing colour

Choosing a focal point of a rectangular or square room depends on a combination of factors. The selection of your colour palette plays a key role in combination with a choice of materials. For grandeur style, using colours like charcoal grey and navy blue can create sophistication with added glamour by using brass fixtures and fittings. It’s essential for the chosen taps and other fittings to work with the colours selected for your bathroom as each provides a different feel whether it’s brass, chrome or nickel.

3. Let there be light
Both natural and articificial, here at Watermark we emphasise the importance of how your bathroom would look during day and night. We consider whether your window(s) are positioned and how this plays to the composition of the room. The illumination of bathroom furniture and materials such as tiles, cabinetry and within areas such as a shower or basin is important for creating a soothing ambience. Soft indirect lighten creates a soft floating effect that isn’t too harsh and intruding. Chandeliers or pendant lights can create that extra layer of luxury and retreat!

4. Ensure practicality

Curating your bathroom space is always a synergy between beautiful design and functionality. Whether it’s closed and/or open storage – a furniture piece solely for decorative purposes creates a lot of limitations within the day-to-day. Having a single-sink vanity cabinet provides a huge array of options in terms of space, and can be complimented with custom storage hunches and wall-mounted cabinets. The selection of furniture really works towards forming a identity personalised for you.

5. Balance space and design

Textures and tones plays a integral part to a personalised space. Some customers prefer natural colours and materials incorporating wood or mimicking wood grain, whereas some prefer the industrial look of metals and silver for a quiet minimalistic setting. Choosing your theme and requirements, coupled with a intricately thought-through design and plan of your bathroom plays a huge impact towards making your spa a reality.

Your bathroom should be designed to leave all your worries and troubles behind that closed door. A space solely designed with you in mind. Whether you’re looking to create a contemporary minimal bathroom that enables you to relax and unwind or looking for a traditional or vintage styled bathroom that oozes grandiosity and opulence contact us today. Our team would be happy to discuss your vision and help to articulate it.

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