A Kitchen for You and Your Family

With the first week of the school summer holidays over, your kitchen may be withstanding more activity and visits than usual. With no classes to attend, it may be a challenge to keep your children preoccupied at home.

The kitchen isn’t just a place to cook and eat but it can be a great area for you and your family to have fun. Socialise with the children whilst you prepare lunch or dinner, or even get them to help you out on a few culinary tasks! Whether you’re making a cake, teaching them a family recipe or even challenging yourselves with making sushi – you need a kitchen that can withstand all the elements of day-to-day family life.


So if you’re considering a new kitchen design or layout, here are a few tips on designing a family kitchen:

It’s about choosing the right layout

If you’re more inclined toward a childfree zone, a peninsular or closed off U-shaped kitchen may be suitable. Open plan arrangements such as an L-shape or island layout is great for families that like the bustling and heavily active environment a kitchen can ignite. We’re particularly fond of kitchen islands as they become a focal point of every kitchen and can become a great place to socialise and spent time.



It is advised to opt for work surfaces that are quick and easy to clean. A similar thought process goes towards cupboard doors and worktops. Choosing high quality materials that can stand the test of time, heat and minor spillages and accidents ensure that no permanent damage or staining is made on kitchen surfaces.

Curved Kitchens

Units or surfaces with rounded or curved corners reduce the chance injury of your children (and you!). Curved kitchens also provide a unconventional design aesthetic which can add character to your new kitchen.



Ceramic tiling may be a dream choice due to its ease to clean and aesthetic material, but some people will need to be practical in terms of your family. High quality vinyl can mimic beautiful wood and stone to create a great stylish kitchen atmosphere that you and your children are in awe of!



There are various options in terms of storage and you can invest in intelligent design. Pan drawers and pull-out shelving can be incorporated to particular hotspots and areas in and around your kitchen.

Multi-purpose area in your family kitchen

An extra, multi-purpose area to be used as additional preparation space is always handy. For instance, a section of a kitchen island can work as breakfast bar or working /computer area.


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