Your Daily Routine and Your Kitchen

We all have our daily routines, rituals and patterns – whether it’s early morning or winding down for the evening, your kitchen is a influential environment. Is your kitchen designed and organised to make your day to day stress free?

We’ve noted a few ideas to help simplify your daily routine within your kitchen, in an aim to enjoy life more and spend less time looking for your needed ingredients, managing waste and enjoying the ergonomics of your kitchen space.

Where’s the Food?

Whether it’s looking for the ingredients for your breakfast or condiments for your dinner, finding food can often lead to you looking for a needle in a haystack. However, modern kitchen design aims to tackle this by ensuring accessible, intuitive and bespoke layouts for cabinetry and drawers so you can organise and maintain a easy process of knowing where things in your kitchen are, and keeping it maintained and tidy. Ideas can include inbuilt shelving, useful for dried goods or revolving carousel shelving within cabinets with pull out trays can help with accessibility to the far to reach areas.

Cook and Prepare Meals

Whether you’re a culinary chef or a quick-meal maker, countertop space is critical. It may be useful to consider a second prep sink or on-counter shelving to keep recipe books and how-to guides in close proximity (or even a place to stand your iPad or table while you watch the latest YouTube cooking guides). Your countertop surfaces should be of high-quality to ensure that it withstands the day to day preparation of food and should be easy to clean.

What’s in a Oven?

Choosing what type of oven plays a key role in the management of your kitchen. For instance, if you regularly cook meals for a large family, a double oven may be suggested. This would allow you to reheat several dishes at once. For more efficiency in space, some ovens incorporate a microwave function which means more counter top surface area for you to keep clutter free!

Minimise Clutter

We hoard various pots, pans and utensils. We can all divide these pieces of equipment to being used regularly, rarely and not at all (but may need it but the situation hasn’t arised!). Organising your dishes, kitchen essentials and equipment does play into the initial design and structure of your kitchen. Drawers, shelves, pantry closets or a tall cabinet all keep your countertops clear. If organised correctly, can help you save time

Waste Management

Food packaging, vegetable peels and food scraps… Waste management is often last on the list for people looking to improve the ergonomics of their kitchen. With the management household waste is becoming categorised with food waste, recycling and council collections, there are many options available for homeowners to separate, conceal and dispose of waste. A popular choice would be for a integrated drawer or pan draw waste bin.

Speak to Experts

The kitchen appliances, cabinetry, fixtures and shelving of a modern kitchen are designed to be efficient and with you in mind. Whether you’re looking to redesign your kitchen for a change in style or because you’d like to ensure your kitchen matches your current lifestyle, it’s recommended to speak to a expert to ensure you are informed not only about the design elements of a new kitchen but also the ergonomics and installation process.

Here at Watermark we truly believe in providing bespoke advice, design and service for those who are considering new kitchen design.

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