Beautiful Craftsmanship

Individually designed ‘in-frame’ handmade traditional kitchens that are timeless in design. Typically made from solid timbers that are hand selected for natural colour and beauty of grain. Natural timbers also form the carcass of the units, these can compliment or contrast against painted sections bringing all aspects to life. Providing a dream kitchen for your home.

In the past, all cabinet furniture were produced using the in-frame method. But post World War II, manufacturers turned to frameless kitchens which greatly cut costs and thus became very popular for their affordability. However, we all recognise the longevity and fine craftsmanship of in-frame kitchens and the fine detail that accompanies the installation process.

How can you spot an in-frame kitchen?

In-frame kitchens are often distinguished by its design. Cabinet doors are enveloped by a frame which encompasses beautiful craftsmanship.

In comparison with non in-frame kitchens, you can notice that the doors on an non in-frame kitchens sit directly on the front of the unit. For in-frame kitchens this provided more choices and options in terms of decorative hinges.

Whether the timbers are lacquered to bring out its natural colour and qualities or painted to create a personality and identity, in-frame kitchens epitomise both classic and contemporary styles and sense of timeless tradition.

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