Initial Consultation, Design and Installation – Your Kitchen

From your first meeting and initial consultation with Watermark at one of our showrooms, we endeavour to gather as much information about how you want your new kitchen to look and feel. Your initial consultation is done with one of our expert designers who aims to find out more about you, your lifestyle and your dream kitchen. Aesthetics and practical requirements are discussed thoroughly right through to the fine detail. If there’s a particular feature you want in your kitchen – we want to hear about it!

Our in-house designer also walks you through various designs and themes to help with considering what style or combination of styles that may take you by interest.

We also put together a wish list of things that you may require in your kitchen and discuss what the essential components within the space would be beneficial and useful (e.g cabinetry, the worktops space and appliances).

After the initial consultation, your designer will begin making detailed visual illustrations of the layout, design and plan of your kitchen. This is one of our favourite moments within the process as we enjoy transforming our client’s requirements and aspirations to something more tangible!

Once the process towards your finalised kitchen design is complete, we move towards arranging the delivery, installation and fitting of your kitchen.

Our Installation Manager oversees the installation of your kitchen. His responsibility is to check the progress of your kitchen at different stages throughout the project. He will ensure that the finalised drawings and designs are adhered to, will liaise with the assigned builders and developers, arranges the delivery of cabinetry, appliances and worktops, organises the fitting teams and ensures that you are provided with a complete and comprehensive handover once the fitting and installation is finally complete.

From your initial consideration and ideas of a new kitchen, Watermark aims to consult, support and work with you towards making your dream kitchen a reality.

Our Amersham and Oakley showrooms exhibit the latest in kitchen and bathroom design. Speak to one of our experts today to arrange a FREE consultation. Contact us on 01844 338137 or complete our online form HERE.