Key Kitchen Trends for 2017

With 2017 only being month away here at Watermark Superior Kitchens & Bathrooms we have decided to provide our online visitors a few hints on the up and coming trends for the New Year. Whether you’re looking to refresh your kitchen or looking to get it designed from its foundations – we hope our bitesize guide to the forecasted trends offers insight towards forming your vision of your ideal kitchen. Our team at Watermark are on hand to answer any questions you have!

Key Kitchen Trends for 2017

Island of Paradise

Oversized kitchen islands are set to be the ultimate trend for next year! Suitable for a open floor plan design, it’s a great concept for those who regularly have company around. Kitchens are not solely just a place for cooking but can be a great place for occupants to converse by, host get-togethers and great location to set a big summer party!

Statement Steel

Easy to maintain, clean and smooth stainless steel countertops can last a lifetime. It creates a professional and modern feel that makes a statement for any kitchen. Durable and resilient, custom-made worktops provide a elegant tailored look that can also create the illusion of a larger and brighter kitchen area.

Patterns Tiles

Incorporating visually appealing tiles that can either be subtle or all-out bold can create a more vibrant setting within your kitchen. Pattern has made a dramatic comeback in the past few years and is set to be increasingly more popular next year.

Utlise Technology

The preparation space for cooking and cleaning is essential to any kitchen. Functionality coupled with modern design will see 2017 seeing more kitchens being designed with the latest gadgets, appliances, fixtures and overall layouts.

Multiple Countertop Materials

Wood countertops will also be one of the key trends for kitchens in 2017. Texture, form and the complimenting combinations of materials such as wood against marble or stone counters will be a must-have.

Going Monochrome

The monochrome palette will be a key trend this coming year. It provides occupants and residents with more options as a canvas to add new appliances or ornaments with colour throughout the year.

Multiple Shades of Grey

Grey will dominate kitchen design next year providing versatile palette that exuberates timeless and aesthetic design. Contrasting gray cabinets and storage with the warmness of woods that creates subtle texture or even the touch of colour through tiles and appliances.

Apron-front Sinks

Where traditional meets modern, apron-front sinks automatically become the main focal point of a kitchen. Their practicality is further complimented by the timeless design and simplicity of maintenance.

Flow with Aesthetics

Simplicity works best. One of the overarching trends in 2017 is clean, minimal design. The choice of faucets, appliances and other furnishings will continue to be key part in kitchen design.

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