Kitchen Layouts: Island or Peninsula

Kitchen Layouts: Island or Peninsula

What’s the difference?

Put simply, a kitchen island is a freestanding space positioned at the centre of a kitchen. It is often used as an additional workspace and also provides extra counter and storage space, and opens up the possibility for seating by the counter. You can even incorporate a second sink or place appliances discreetly under the counter.

A peninsula has equally the same purpose as an island but is fixed to at least one wall. Rather than access to four sides, it provides three sides to work from. It is usually recommended for narrow kitchens and often is used to create a natural division within a room.

Peninsula kitchen designs often help in transforming an L shaped kitchen into a U-shaped kitchen. It can separate working areas and define the kitchen space. Depending on your kitchen size and space you may be able to incorporate seating or a breakfast bar alongside your peninsula.

The Golden Triangle

In kitchen design, a lot of thought focuses on ‘the triangle’ or ‘Golden Triangle’ concept. Originally developed in the 1940s, the concept is used to determine efficient kitchen layouts. This is essentially the space between the cooker, fridge and sink. The main goal is to keep the balance and distance between the major workstations and the cooker, preventing the risk of the kitchen becoming too cramped or disjointed.

But two important factors have to also be considered. How much available space is there and what are your living arrangements?

Consider the size of your kitchen

Kitchen islands need enough ample space to pass by all sides and corners. Placing a kitchen island in a space which doesn’t provide enough room to easily move around each workstation can result in potential hazards and risks. It also prevents you from utilising your kitchen with the best efficiency. It is always advised to speak to a kitchen specialist and designer who can advice on the most suitable layouts and structure in line with your requirements.

What are your living arrangements?

How you use your kitchen and what you plan to have within your kitchen space are key factors on the future composition of your space. If you have a open floor plan layout which includes a dining area or table, peninsulas can help close off your kitchen section by creating a border.

If you have lots of space and often have visitors, an island counter with seating can ensure that you can cook and entertain guests at the same time.

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