Did your kitchen survive the Christmas entertaining?

Often we put up with the little foibles in our kitchen: the drawer that never quite shuts properly; the special knack involved when opening the cupboard containing the bin; and the plug that doesn’t stop the water draining away, but instead provides an incentive for washing up more quickly.

Having a house full and catering for all over the festivities can often make you realise it’s time to fix these issues. Did entertaining over Christmas and New Year highlight how your kitchen could be better laid out? Did you consider how improved appliances could help make cooking easier? Did it become apparent that a breakfast bar would have been a big help for dishing up, eating, or even serving a buffet?

Bespoke contemporary kitchen

You may be thinking that 2018 is the year to update your kitchen. Could your kitchen layout be improved? Will a complete re-design make better use of space? Are your dated appliances no longer efficient? Watermark can help.

We will listen to how you use your kitchen, whether that’s for daily family use, regular entertaining, or just to ensure everything is within easy reach. With years of experience providing bespoke stylish and contemporary kitchens, we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

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