New Year, New Possibilities – Redesigned for Living

Happy New Year from Watermark Superior Kitchens & Bathrooms!

What’s your resolution?

With the start of the New Year, we all have promised ourselves certain New Year resolutions to achieve by the end of 2017. Some of us focus on quitting or creating discipline in terms of a new diet, having no (or less!) guilty pleasures or lowering the number of times we order takeout. Others promise themselves that the New Year will be the time to experience something new. Some start a new job, join a gym or sports team, start a new hobby and/or focus on eating healthier.

All the above are influenced by one area of your home and it affects your daily routine and overall lifestyle.

Your Kitchen

The environment we live in plays a significant role in how we feel. Your kitchen can help prepare you at the start of the day, reenergise you midday and can help you unwind during the evening, putting you in the right mood at any time of the day. But is your existing kitchen somewhat outdated, unorganised and uninspiring?

A new kitchen design and installation during 2017 can help inspire you to keep to your resolution – new colours, design and layout can motivate you to getting ready for a fresh new day whether you’re heading to work, the gym or new sports class and can encourage you to cook and eat at home more.

  • Remodelling your kitchen opens up for new design

Whether you require a more open layout, a kitchen island or better cooking stations, new design opens up to new possibilities. New colour, texture and materials can make you feel happier – inspired to cook, eat and even host dinner parties in your home.

  • Open up to more convenient storage

Organisation within a kitchen is key. Slide-out pantries and cabinets can help during the day to day by helping you efficiently utilise your space, streamlining and optimizing your work and storage space.

  • You’ll want to eat and cook at home

It’s difficult to cook a special meal in a cramped and old kitchen. Redesigning your kitchen can breathe new life into your living space. You’ll be more motivated and inspired to cook and save on takeaways!

  • Create more safety

Potential hazards may exist in your current kitchen. Outdated appliances may not work properly, outlets may not be properly grounder or your floor may be damaged due to age. The evolution of new design and technology has paved way for more innovation when it comes to keeping you and your family safe within your kitchen.

  • New kitchen design can increase the value of your home and property

Bathrooms and kitchens are primary components that help determine a property’s value on the market and its comparative value of houses within the local area. If you do decide to sell your house, a recently renovated kitchen can encourage a faster sale and increase in overall value.

Rather than your ordinary kitchen company offering a range of standard styles, Watermark Kitchens can create a completely unique kitchen per project in consultation with the client’s personal taste, wishes and the homes design.

Watermark offer a full kitchen design and install service including spatial design, cabinetry, worktops, tables and high end kitchen appliances. As partners with some of the most well-known names in kitchen appliances such as Gagganau, Wolff and Sub Zero they create and deliver a high end, contemporary service from start to finish.

Designers for Watermark Kitchens come from an interior design background and keep on top of all new innovations and trends within the kitchen design sector ensuring the latest technologies can be incorporated into their designs.

Watermark Kitchens work with a full and diverse offering of worktop, cabinet and sink materials to suit all applications from modern, high tech solutions like seamless Hi-Mac worktops and toughened glass or traditional industrial materials that are having a comeback such as concrete and wood. Watermark Kitchens can advise on design choices and choosing materials to either match or contrast within the space.

Our Amersham and Oakley showrooms exhibit the latest in kitchen and bathroom design. Speak one of our experts today to arrange a free consultation. Contact us on 01844 338137 or alternatively fill out our online form HERE.