Shower types explained

Digital Showers

With innovative design and technological advances you can get the right water temperature at a touch of a button. You can usually preset the temperature and flow of water within the shower. Eco and user friendly, digital showers provide an optimal shower experience with minimalist design aesthetics and saves a lot of space.

Electric Showers

Electric showers are inexpensive and easy to use and connect the shower to your main heating system. In terms of bathroom design, it is very adaptable and can be placed in the majority of positions within your bathroom. One great advantage is that your boiler doesn’t affect your electric shower. Most offer thermostatic control and come in a range of contemporary and traditional designs.

Mixer Showers

Normally suitable for those that have a shower integrated within their bath, a mixer shower has no electrical components. This is suitable and recommended for those who are looking for a more minimalist design and theme within their bathroom. Most mixer showers are compatible with low and high-pressure water systems.

Power Showers

Great for bathrooms with low water pressure systems, power showers use an integrated pump to ensure water runs in speed and consistency. Great for a refreshing wake-up, power showers are popularly installed within spas and luxury hotels.

Shower Towers

To top power showers, a shower tower is recommended for those who want the spa-like experience. Shower towers enable several different types of heads, jets and controls, enhancing that luxurious feeling!

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